Other sources of information about genomics

Here, you will find resources that help explain genetics, genomics and genomic testing. Some of this material was developed by Australian Genomics, specifically for Australians. Other resources have an international focus and highlight genomic trends in other countries. 

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What is Genome Sequencing? – Booklet

This booklet explains what genome sequencing is in the context of cancer, and why it may be useful for parents and families. This booklet was developed with the guidance of Australian Genomics Health Alliance.
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My genomic test

This booklet is a guide for people having genomic testing. It explains the medical professionals who may be involved, the process of genomic testing, patient experiences, issues to consider and support information.
Source: Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance (Australia)
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Life insurance products and genetic testing in Australia

This factsheet talks about the impact of genetic testing on life insurance products in Australia. This factsheet explains complex situations and should be discussed with your health professional.
Source: Centre for Genetics Education NSW Health (Australia)
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Genetic services in Victoria

This webpage talks about genetic services available to people in Victoria, Australia; please refer to local services if you are not based in Victoria.
Source: Better Health Channel (Australia)
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Talking to your family about a genetic diagnosis or test result

This brochure provides brief information and advice about how you might go about telling your family about a genetic test or diagnosis.
Source: Centre for Genetics Education NSW Health (Australia)
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How to share genetic test results with family

This blog post discusses why it is important to share genetic testing results with family members and how to share these results.
Source: Cancer.net (USA)
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Genetic consultation

This chapter explains the process of having a genetic consultation, including what this is, why someone would have one and what happens during the consultation.
Source: Genetics Home Reference (USA)
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Genetic and genomic testing

This factsheet discusses different types of genetic and genomic testing and why you might consider one of these tests.
Source: Centre for Genetics Education NSW Health (Australia)
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Inheriting genetic conditions

This chapter explains what it means to have an inherited condition in your family and the different ways in which conditions can be inherited. The chapter can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF file. The information in this chapter is detailed and quite complex.
Source: Genomics Home Reference (USA)
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