Other sources of information about genomics

Here, you will find resources that help explain genetics, genomics and genomic testing. Some of this material was developed by Australian Genomics, specifically for Australians. Other resources have an international focus and highlight genomic trends in other countries. 

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Queensland Genomics Patient Toolkit

Queensland Genomics have produced a Genomics Information Toolkit for patients and families affected by rare disease. Information provided includes: what genomics is, how it might help you or your family, where Queenslanders can get testing and the different kinds of genetic tests that are available.
Source: Queensland Genomics (Australia)
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Genetic services in Victoria

This webpage talks about genetic services available to people in Victoria, Australia; please refer to local services if you are not based in Victoria.
Source: Better Health Channel (Australia)
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What is a genetic consultation

This chapter explains the process of having a genetic consultation, including what this is, why someone would have one and what happens during the consultation.
Source: Genetics Home Reference (USA)
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Genetic counselling for mitochondrial disease

This factsheet talks about what genetic counselling may involve. It was developed for people affected by mitochondrial disease, but is still relevant for people seeing a genetic counsellor about a different genetic condition.
Source: Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (Australia)
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FAQs about genetic counseling

This webpage explains what genetic counselling is and why you might want to see a genetic counsellor. Note: There may be slight differences between Australia and the USA.
Source: National Human Genome Research Institute (USA)
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Information about your genetics appointment

This webpage provides information about a genetics appointment. Note: this information was developed in the UK, so there may be differences in genetics appointments in Australia.
Source: Syndromes Without A Name (UK)
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