Other sources of information about genomics

Here, you will find resources that help explain genetics, genomics and genomic testing. Some of this material was developed by Australian Genomics, specifically for Australians. Other resources have an international focus and highlight genomic trends in other countries. 

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Genes and genetics explained

This webpage explains genetics and inheritance in detail. It starts with the very basics and includes a lengthy description, with a lot of information.
Source: Better Health Channel (Australia)
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FAQs about genetic testing

This webpage explains what genetic testing is, the types of genetic testing and all the possible outcomes. It is quite straightforward and easy to understand.
Source: National Human Genome Research Institute (USA)
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Genes, DNA and cancer

This webpage explains briefly what genes and DNA are and how cancer is associated with genes. The information is explained in simple terms.
Source: Cancer Research UK
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Getting your genetic test results

This written material explains what your test results mean if you have had a genetic test for a cancer gene.
Source: Cancer Research UK
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Ethical issues in human genetics and genomics

This factsheet looks at possible risks associated with getting genetic testing. It explains complex situations and should be discussed with your health professional.
Source: NSW Health Centre for Genetics Education (Australia)
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Understanding cancer genomics

This video was developed for the 100,000 Genomes Project. It explains how changes in our genes can lead to cancer and how genomic testing is used in managing cancer. This video is good for visual learners and easy to understand.
Source: Genomics England (UK)
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What is genomics?

This Canadian video explains what DNA and genes are, what genomics is and how genomics may be relevant to us and the world.
Source: Genomics British Columbia (Canada)
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Benefits of a genetic diagnosis of mitochondrial disease

This factsheet explains what the benefits of receiving a genetic diagnosis may be for people with mitochondrial disease.
Source: Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
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DNA banking

This webpage very briefly explains DNA banking. Note: there may be differences in DNA banking between Australia and the USA.
Source: Genetic Support (USA)
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