Other sources of information about genomics

Here, you will find resources that help explain genetics, genomics and genomic testing. Some of this material was developed by Australian Genomics, specifically for Australians. Other resources have an international focus and highlight genomic trends in other countries. 

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Family health history: the basics

This webpage provides information about how to collect your family history and why this is important.
Source: Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (USA)
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Data in the 100,000 Genomes Project

This video was developed for the 100, 000 Genomes Project and describes how genomic data is stored and secured in this project. If you are considering genomic testing, especially as part of a research project, some of this information may be useful as a starting point for learning about storage, sharing and security of your genomic data. Note: there may be differences in data sharing laws between Australia and England.
Source: Genomics England (UK)
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